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Contest Judging Panel

As DNA rekindles the tradition of self-identified masculinity, we celebrate a broad range of fetish and kink identities of gay men. With a pool of diverse contestants, the challenging task of determining our next DNA titleholders falls to our panel of esteemed judges. With combined decades of community experience and a breadth of ideas, education and leadership, each of our judges has, at times along their journey, marched to the beat of their own drummer — and are perfectly placed to identify the unique qualities in those who will serve as Drummer, Drummerboy and Drummer Bootblack.


“Doc” Hoskins Jr.

“Doc” Hoskins Jr. came onto the Leather scene in 1997 and has been making great strides ever since. A Founding Father of ONYX New York / Northeast he held the office of President for seven of the first 10 years until guiding the chapter to a self-sustaining entity. During that time he became the Leatherman of Color for 2007 and helped to institute policies within the organization that have been adopted by all other chapters. While residing as a member of NY’s Leather Pride Night, he made an everlasting impression that is remembered till this day. After nearly five years he stepped down only to take on the responsibility of being a Folsom Street East board member as they ushered in a new era. As a member of Mama’s family he is her Boxer Daddy and has helped to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. He continues to participate in a multitude of fund raising events for the LGBT community including, C.L.A.W, FDNY Charity Boxing, and events wherever his volunteer services can be most useful around the country. He is currently the Co-Producer of the Leatherman of Color contest and a recipient of the Mufasa Lion’s award, one of the highest awards that can be given to an ONYX member for outstanding achievement for exemplifying the epitome of a Man of Color in the ONYX ranks.

In February of 2015, Doc embarked on a new chapter in his life becoming DNA’s 1st Drummer of North America – a title that took a long hiatus only to return for a new generation of Leathermen that embraces their masculine, sexual and sport fetish.

“Doc” Hoskins is an active Master’s Division boxer and captain of the Masters team at his gym. He is the also author of the sexy novel titled The Pugilist: Erotic Boxing Adventures. With all that said, some have called him a renaissance man.


Master Bryce Caine

In 2003 Bryce Caine entered the Leather Community and has never looked back.  He began with his first contest and placed first runner up.  From there he formed tight bonds with his classmates and found himself joining Three Rivers Leather Club.  In 2004 he again ran for the title and became Mr. Pittsburgh Eagle Leather 2005.  When asked why he ran again for the title he replied, “I had more fun than I ever thought possible and made some really great friends in the process.”

Through the years he continued his activities with the club and enjoyed being part of his Pittsburgh Community.  In 2012 he was asked by his club brothers to again compete. To show his commitment to the community he agreed and became Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2013.  This opened the door for competing at Mid Atlantic Leather in Washington DC, where he brought the title of Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2013 back to Pittsburgh.

He continues to be very active in the Leather Community collecting toys for needy children in Allegheny county, volunteering his culinary skills to feed the homeless and many other worthy causes.  He lives with his husband in Pittsburgh with what he calls his “Zoo/Children”.  Bryce loves animals and has many to show for it. He travels for work as a Computer and Electronic Engineer Tech which allows him to checkout many other Leather communities around the country.

When asked what he likes best about the Leather Community he said,”  There is not just one thing.  I love being part of family that is accepting of who you are.  I love many of the traditions Leather Folk stand for.  Helping others who show interest in the community but are not sure how to become part of it.  The life long friendships that it has allowed me to form across the country. I do have to say that there is thing that I am most proud of though.  The day my community covered me as a Master.  It meant so much to me that they felt I was deserving of the title and I carry that pride with me everyday of my life.  The Leather community has come to mean more to me than just a community, it has become my family.”


Bobby Townsend 

Bobby Townsend, aka “Fun-Bob” 46. Originally from Kennett Square PA, currently resides in Las Vegas NV. Some of Bobby’s strengths come from both experience and hardship which have led him to become the generous, compassionate and caring individual he is today. Bobby’s creativity and perseverance have helped earn him many honorable awards, some of these awards have come from The United States Congress and Nevada State Senate both for his work in hospitality and travel. Other achievements include, having the honor to receive The Key to the City of Las Vegas for his work on contributions and services in b oth entertainment and humanitarianism by the Mayor of Las Vegas.

Since 1989 Bobby has been an avid member within the leather community earning himself the following titles and roles of “Mr. Philadelphia Cub 1991”, “Mr. Chester County PA Leather 1990”.

Bobby has proudly served as both Secretary and Vice President for The Las Vegas Boys of Leather and now continues to serve as a member within the same organization.

Bobby’s leadership and volunteer work have helped countless people within our community get lifesaving treatments they need for HIV & AIDS. His volunteer work included charity events on the Las Vegas strip during world AIDS day and working with A- list celebrities to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of HIV and AIDS. Whether at Universities, clinics, or random events within the community, you can find Bobby volunteering his time to educate parents, students or newly diagnosed patients on treatments and prevention of HIV and AIDS.

Fun Fact:  Bobby Townsend was a Personal Assistant to the legendary famous lead singer Vince Neil from the 1980s / 90s rock band Motley Crue.
He now Co-Owns Hawks Gym and Spa, a gay men’s local bathhouse, and sole owner of a concierge ticket office business located inside the Royal Resort LV.


Daddy C

Before Daddy C’s leather journey started, he had been serving his community on the Phoenix Pride board and DJing for the Phoenix Rodeo since 2003. He served Phoenix Pride as the event finance manager and as a member of the board until 2008 at which time he started DJing the new event Erotic World at Phoenix Pride. The last three years he produced Erotic World with the event growing in size year after year. This success was aided by inviting the local leather groups to come in and perform demos including audience participation. He kept DJing the Phoenix Rodeo till the year 2014 and working with Phoenix pride till 2015.

It was in that same year of 2008 when Daddy C discovered the leather community and his love for it. In the years to follow, he joined the Arizona Leather Bears and Cubs becoming treasurer for a year and a half and then Vice President the year after being treasurer.  He was the treasurer for the Leather Daddy Bear and Cub contest as well. Daddy C has been to Butchmanns Experience three times and was on the working board for one year. He was also involved in Pups in the Park with his pup of four years.

Daddy C moved to Las Vegas in October of 2015 and has been enjoying his life with his partner and boy Tim.



Justin James is Henry James’ boy. With more than 30 years in leather, Justin is an experienced leatherman and educator. He is a graduate of the Journeyman II Academy in San Francisco, served in Jack McGeorge’s household in Washington, DC, volunteered as the editor of the newsletter for the Leather Archives & Museum for many years, and was the owner of Rio Grande Leather in Albuquerque, NM. He has presented at numerous leather events and has been the keynote speaker at the Master/ slave Conference and Behind Closed Doors. He has received awards from Pantheon of Leather, the Southwest Leather Conference, and the Master/slave Conference. His professional life has been in LGBTQ non-profits and in higher education.


Sir EliSir Eli ONYX

What’s in a name? Well, when talking about Elias P Fisburne IV – quite a lot!

Since leaving the US Navy over a decade ago, he’s been known to many people in many different roles. He’s been known most widely as Mr. Maryland Leather 2016, but that’s just the beginning.

His pups and those in the pup play community see him as a “Handler.” For this reason, he was a Judge at the Mid Atlantic Pups & Handlers contest in 2017. The young people who seek him out as he mans the front desk at the GLCCB (Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore) call him “Sir.” To the Prince George’s County LGBTQ Task force, he is a fellow board member. At DC’s Casa Ruby and other places and events that foster and protect trans youth, “Eli” is well known to be an ally. To the men and women of the the Mid Atlantic Chapter of the leather fraternity, he is brother “Opulence Onyx”

For the fortunate few of his leather family, the House of Ra, he is their beloved “Master & Daddy”.
Wherever he goes, by whatever title one encounters him,  by whatever name you know him, he is always an energetic advocate for the people who make up the leather/kink community, a generous source of knowledge of all things kinky and and firm believer in the system or protocols that hold the community together.



Henry Brown – Bootblack judge

Henry Brown is happy to be invited to judge the Drummer North America Bootblack contest. After a hiatus, he is bootblacking on occasion at various fundraisers supporting of the community in Seattle and area title holders. He is regularly a co-Tally Master for WSMLO’s Washington State Mr./Ms. and Bootblack Leather contest. He has been involved with Seattle Men in Leather for over 10 years. He was first runner-up for International Leather Community Bootblack 2006, held the titles of Northwest Community Bootblack 2006/2007 and Washington State Community Bootblack 2006/2007.




Elegant – Bootblack judge

Elegant began her leather journey in Dallas, Texas in 1997 and has been an active part of the Atlanta community since moving in 2001. She is slave to Master Archer, leather artisan, bootblack, and co-owner of Fantasies In Leather and TLC Leather Care. Elegant is past Marketing Director for Southwest Leather Conference (2008 – 2016), past Marketing Chair for SouthEast LeatherFest (2004-2007), co-producer of Southern Sole Bootblack Weekend, former co-producer of Submissive Journey Weekend, and creator of Twisted Toyland Atlanta. Elegant had the honor of being selected as Southeast Bootblack 2005 and 1st Runner-Up at International Community Bootblack 2005. She is Mama’s Elegant Bootblack.

Bootblacking and leather care are Elegant’s passions. She considers them services of love and an art form in which to express herself. She has a kinky adoration for extreme clothespin play, hooks and needles, and deep impact opportunities and leads workshops on S/M techniques, workshops of the mind, and spiritual ritual experiences. Her dedication to the community and specifically in spreading a positive awareness of D/s~M/s is a never-ending path to understanding her own life.


Master Dexter – Bootblack judge

Master Dexter was International Leather SIR 2005 and has had an active interest in leather since childhood. He has enjoyed being a proud Leatherman and active gay BDSM fetishist as an adult. Master Dexter has always felt a natural connection with traditional or “Old Guard” leather and views it as an attitude and respectable way of life that lives and breathes through those who believe in it. He also believes that the next generation has something to offer the community, and he enjoys sharing experiences, skills, and knowledge, both in one-on-one situations and group gatherings. He remains active in the community, and he has been privileged to share his experience through teaching about the leather lifestyle and BDSM activities at different events around the country.

Master Dexter is a charter member of The 7 Guardsmen and has been a member of several organizations: ONYX Southeast; Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub (BLUF); the Leather Archives & Museum; and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. He also has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Leather Heart Foundation. He also has been honored to serve as a judge for several major contests within the community, including: World Out Grun es in Montreal (2006); International Leather SIR/boy (2006); Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather (2007), Oklahoma Mr. Leather (2007); Mr. Southeast Rubber (2009); Leatherman of Color (2011); and Mr. International Rubber (2013).

Professionally, Master Dexter has been an engineer in the aerospace field for nearly 24 years. In 2005, He completed his formal training for another passion – massage therapy. On the personal side, Master Dexter has a collared boy, Keith, who has been with Him since 2012. He also has a keen interest in photography and often has a camera with him. He loves a wide variety of musical genres, along with keeping His own vocal abilities in practice. He also is a huge fan of roller coasters, particularly the design of them, and He enjoys working on His own coaster designs in His spare time.

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