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Master Mike Zuhl
Master Brandon Matheson
Executive Producer
Contest Manager

Henry James
Workshop Coordinator
Contestant Choreographer & Entertainment

Marshal Roberts

Marshall Roberts is a Bisexual Leather Sir located in Baltimore who has been active in the leather community for over 15 years. His professional background is in theatre and dance. No stranger to the stage having been International Leatherboy 2006, Baltimore’s King of Pride 2012-2013 (the first leatherman to take the title), and Mid Atlantic LeatherSir 2014 whereby he competed and was first runner up to Drummer 2015 Doc. His past includes an extensive background in dance and theatre starting at the age of 5. Marshall is the Contestant Choreographer and Opening Entertainer for DNA 2017. Previously he has leant his talents to numerous community events including but not limited to CLAW, 12 Days of Christmas, ILSb/ICBB, and DNA 2016.
Marshall is extremely thankful to DNA 2017 for providing another opportunity to create work of performance art opening this amazing contest. He wishes to send the best of luck to all contestants and wants every attendee to have and enjoyable and extremely pleasurable experience.

Stage Tech Director

Robert Wayne Books

Robert has worked backstage and on the technical side of theater and events since his first involvement with theater as a freshman in High School. After a stint in the Air Force once he graduated from High School, Robert went to college where he obtained a degree in Computer Science with a Minor in Theatrical Design. Wondering what to do next, Robert continued his theatrical studies at The George Washington University, and obtained a MFA in Theatrical Lighting and Set Design.
After discovering that theater really was the world of the starving artist, and falling back on his drafting skills, Robert landed a job where his computer programming and Theatrical degrees worked together. He is now the senior CAD library developer for Vectorworks Spotlight design software.
In his spare time, Robert tries to keep his skills in the event and theater industry up to par. This is his second DNA, and he is trying to bring the design ideas of the Theater craft to the stage here this weekend. He wishes all contestants the best of luck and hopes all attendees have a wonderful time.

Den Staff

Thomas John

I was exposed to the leather/kink/BDSM world 10 years ago, when I met my Sir/Husband. What was supposed to be a one-time encounter (“just so I could see what a dungeon was about”), changed my life completely. Although I still have that submissive bond with him, I identify a more as a Daddy now. I am extremely open to just about anything and still love experiencing something new to get me off.
My main interests include but are not limited to CBT, TT, all forms of Bondage, piss play, spit, spanking/paddling, electro play, edging and ass play. Playing with my “seasoned” gloves on is a huge turn on and touching is a big component of my play, whether it’s a slap on the face, butt or balls or a light back rub wearing my gloves, it all gets me going.
I am the former Mid Atlantic Drummer 2015, recipient of the 2016 DNA Spirit award, and the current Drummer North America 2016. This has given me the opportunity to embrace and celebrate my kinky fetish side and be an ambassador for a community that unites in taking our sexuality beyond conventional norms.
I currently reside in central PA with husband and our 6 dogs.
In my career as a nurse practitioner, I have been involved in several community health projects and enjoy providing both formal and informal education to gay men’s health issues. This is a broad area not just focusing on HIV/AIDS but also STD’s, heart health, prostate health, rectal health, abusive domestic issues and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Dan Gurule

My Journey began in 2006 when I joined a pub crawl that was sponsored by a local Kink group. It was my first exposure to Kink/ Leather, and the people who made up the community at that time. It did not take me long to figure out that I wanted to be a part of it.
Over the years I have been an active member in the community and been able to serve it in various capacities. I was a member and officer with the Kansas City Boys of Leather and assisted with the production of Heat of America Leather contest for several years. I have been the guest speaker for the diversity discussion at UMKC and was the key note speaker for the 2016 Show Me Leather Contest. My involvement with community education has given me the opportunity to teach classes on various subjects for local groups and at CLAW. This year I was given the honor of being part of the judging panel for 2016 Mr. Nebraska.
Currently I am the Chair Person for the KC World Aids Day Community outreach event. I am a member of the Titans of the Midwest. Serve as a team lead for Kansas City Mr. Friendly and 2016 Drummer North America Boy.
My list of kinks is long and continues to change and grow as I do the same. I am a big believer in keeping your mind open and to continually explore and learn and to remember this is supposed to be fun.
There is only one thing that is constant and never changing Boys are like ice cream they make everything better.

Tally Master

Sir Andy Chmielowski-Liu

Mr. SECC Leather 2012
Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR 2008
Mama’s Chinese Gentleman

Sir Andy is proud to be part of the DNA Family. He is now local to LasVegas, where he resides with his husband, Daddy Joe.
If you would like to know more, just ask

Queer Playspace Coordinator

Deborah Hoffman-Wade

Deborah Hoffman-Wade is Ms. Alameda County Leather 2009, the Bay Area Leather Alliance Woman of the Year 2013, elected by the Bay Area Community as the Leather Contingent San Francisco PRIDE Women’s Leather Marshal for 2014. She produced a bunch of stuff and taught at a bevy of events. She wrote for Of A Like Mind (largest women’s spirituality mag) for six years, Lavender Magazine (Minneapolis Minnesota GLBT) for eight years, and Co-author of Partners in Change: Building Collaborations. She was an op-ed columnist journalist for Leatherati.

Registration Coordinator
Sponsorship Coordinator
Men's Playspace Coordinator


Good day and thanks for stopping by and reading a little about me. I am a 53 yr young man. I live and teach the Gay Leather life style and the safe way to play in the Leather BD/SM world. I believe we all have a freedom to live as we choose as long as no one is hurt. Well they have to beg real good first. LOL I have had the honor of helping start two leather groups here in Las Vegas NV. The Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas in 98 and the Las Vegas boys of Leather in 2013. I also help start a learning program here in Las Vegas that lasted for 5 yrs. Where I was a administrator and teacher. I took the class during the last yr to learn from all angles. and have helped run the hospitality suite and registration for the Las Vegas SmokeOut since 2001. I have been a owned slave to Master Peter since Sept. 98 and we married legally in 2013. I was LUC of LV’s first president 1998 to 2000 and several officers during the years of LUC of LV. I have been Mr Cobalt Leather 2003 and Mr Sin City Leather 05. I have had many words put in front of my name like – slave, boy, daddy, sir, alpha. All are very cool but just titles, I am Shadow

Production Crew


Buz is the recent past Board Chair of the Leather Heart Foundation, and sits on the organizations Advisory Board. She is Ms. Baltimore Eagle 1999 and lives in Essex, MD with her wife, Lee, and their Girl, Margaret. Buz is co-owned by her Sir, Lee, and her Queen, Mitzi.
Buz is a founding member of FIST (Baltimore/DC), and an associate member of Hooker & Boys and C.O.M.M.A.N.D. She is a former producer of the Mr. & Ms. Baltimore Eagle contests.
Buz does a lot of volunteering, and is heavily involved in the leather contest circuit. In the past, she has served as contestant, judge, tally master, stage manager, mentor, sponsor, producer, workshop presenter, balls to boots raffle salesperson, jello shot boy, and many other roles not mentioned here 😉
Buz is also a past member of the National Leather Association – International, the Crucible, and a past board member of the GLCCB. She is proud to be a part of the DNAnagins that is DNA, and wishes all the contestants best of luck! Enjoy the ride!


Margaret, like many people, began somewhere else and has found home in the Mid Atlantic community. She is an active member of FIST (Baltimore/DC) and a founding member of the Mid Atlantic girls of Leather. She lives in Essex, MD with her Daddy, Lee, and her Sir, Buz. She is also known as Mama’s Little Redhead.
Margaret supports her community through volunteering and her involvement in the leather contest circuit. She has served as a judge, tally master, stage manager, workshop presenter, board member, gopher, and many other things. Currently, Margaret is a member of the production staff for Mr. Maryland Leather, Atlantic States Leather SIR/boy/Community Bootblack, 12 Days of Christmas – a Hooker and Boys Fundraising Production, and Drummer North America. She is very excited to be back for her 3rd DNA.

Judge's Coordinator

Tank Teachworth

Tank Teachworth, 31, calls both Atlanta and New Jersey home He is an Ambassador-at-Large full member of the Atlanta Panther Leather/Levi Club, and an associate member of the Jersey boys of Leather, Also, he holds the titles of Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2013 and American Leatherboy 2013, and is Mama’s Captain America, Mama’s All-American Pup and Mama’s Jockstrap Inspector.
Identifying as a versatile Alpha/Switch, Tank enjoys power exchange as his primary play mode as well as sports gear, uniforms, breath control, impact play, water sports, electro, CBT, consensual humiliation, interrogation play, fire play and puppy play as a handler.
Tank is pursuing a degree in biology and works for a non-profit in Asbury Park, New Jersey as a state funded HIV counseling and testing professional as a PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV) Counselor, assisting high risk HIV- men acquire and stay on PrEP.

Volunteer Coordinator
Silent Auction Team

Lucky Butch & Desire

Lucky Butch and Desire have been deeply entrenched members of the leather community for the past 7 years working diligently in building community such as producing Philadelphia Leather Women’s Bar night since 2013, and raising and donating thousands of dollars for the community at large.
Lucky Butch and Desire have coordinated and facilitated Silent Auctions for CLAP/MALW in 2015 and MALW/MALWBB in 2016, 12 days of Christmas 2016, House of Doves events in 2015 and Drummer North America.
As respected members of the Mid Atlantic Leather Community, Lucky Butch and Desire enjoy authentic interactions, connections and contributions to many clubs, events and organizations and together have been living the a beautiful life, in love, family and leather for 17 years.